Host Family Ambassador Program

The Babe Ruth World Series Committee is in need of Host Family Ambassador's for the upcoming 13 Year Old World Series to be held in Jamestown on August 14th- 21st at Russell Diethrick Park. Babe Ruth International has changed the program so that the players are now staying in local hotels with their family and teammates. In light of that change, we no longer are required to provide Host Families for these players. With this change the World Series Committee is looking for volunteers, whether individuals or families, to serve as Host Family Ambassadors for these players and teams. The role of the Ambassador is being defined as someone who is interested as serving as both a support and friend for a specific team and their guests during the week of the World Series. We are asking that t he ambassadors not only attend the games and cheer on the team they have been assigned to, but also serve as a support for the visitors to our community. We are hoping that the role of the ambassador will be the same as the Host Family role in the past with the exception of the boys staying in your home for a week. This is a great opportunity to support our community and a team that is experiencing a chance of a lifetime by participating in a World Series here in Jamestown. Perhaps if you considered being a Host Family in the past but didn't have the room to house players, now is a great opportunity to get involved and become an Ambassador.

If there are any questions please contact Kim Ecklund at (716) 664-0405.